Sierra Leone

Fast Facts About Sierra Leone

  •  Sierra Leone,in West Africa, is a country flanked by Guinea in the North,Liberia in the Southeast and the Atlantic Ocean in the Southwest.
  • It covers a total area of 71,740 km. and has an estimated population of 5.2 to 6 million.
  •  Sierra Leone, a former British Colony, is now a Constitutional republic comprising of the provinces, with its western area divided further into 14 districts.
  • Sierra Leone is blessed with tropical climate and diverse environment ranging from the savannah to the rainforest.
  • The largest city and economic center of the country , Freetown is also its capital.
  • Sierra Leone is rich in mineral resources, has since long relied on mining,especially of diamonds, for its economic sustenance.
  • Sierra Leone, also known as “the little jewel” in West Africa is blessed with a fusion of different cultures, religions and races.
  • Sierra Leone is a home to to around 16 ethnic groups.
  • River Rokel is the longest river in Sierra Leone.
  • Mangrove swamps lie along the coast, with wooded hills and a plateau in the interior. The eastern region is mountainous.


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